In my Gujarati household, we’ve always been sustainable

Published on gal-dem

I walk to the kitchen and ask my mum if there’s anything to eat. I open the fridge and reach for the tub of Flora to check what dessert is in it – a slice of my cousin’s cheesecake. I take the cheesecake to the dining table and sit on the chair covered by a cushion that my aunty once made. I haven’t been home for a week so it’s easy to spot new changes – a wooden trunk rescued from someone’s front garden and a new water jug made from an old milk bottle, to fill up the iron. Still, in the middle of the table sits a platter of freshly cut fruit on a plastic Barbie plate that’s over 15 years old but in perfectly usable condition. Some things never change, others never get wasted. When I finish the cheesecake, I walk past the pile of recycling that needs to be taken out and head to the sink to wash the tub with diluted washing-up liquid, leaving it ready for its next use. 

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